3 Signs You Might Need A New Hearing Aid

If you rely on the use of a hearing aid, you might have had the same hearing aids for a very long time. Perhaps you've had the same pair since you first noticed your hearing was declining. However, just like most things need to be updated, so do hearing aids. There are a number of different signs that it might be time for you to get a new hearing aid.

Your Hearing Aids Are Older Than 5 Years

Hearing aids have a typical lifespan of 3 to 5 years, so if your hearing aids are older than 5 years old it is time to start looking for some new ones. Hearing aids are complex technological devices with small components. These components will naturally wear down over time. On top of that, your hearing aids are constantly being exposed to natural moisture and earwax, which will damage them over time. 

You've Had A Change In Lifestyle 

If you are suddenly engaging in new hobbies than you weren't before, it might be time for new hearing aids. For instance, if you have started an outdoor hobby, such as jogging or hiking, you might need to get hearing aids that are more secure and more resilient to movement and sweat. If you are spending a lot of time working with wood or other small, fine particles, you will want to invest in a hearing aid that can stand up to dust and debris. 

Your Health Has Changed

If you find it hard to change your hearing aid battery due to problems with dexterity that naturally occurs as you get older, consider getting a hearing aid that has a rechargeable battery. Instead of having to change out your batteries, you can just charge the hearing aid each night. If you find that you are getting more forgetful, you should look into a hearing aid that naturally adjusts to your environment as your environment changes. In older hearing aids you have to program environments in and then press a specific button for each environment. If your memory isn't what it used to be you might find you can't remember which buttons to push. 

If anything on this list seems familiar, then you should think about getting a new hearing aid. Updating your hearing aids can improve your hearing, improve your comfort, make new hobbies more enjoyable and generally give you a better experience with your hearing aid.