Three Surgical Options for Treating Your Snoring

If your snoring has started to impact the quality of sleep that you and your partner are able to enjoy, and if other measures, like new pillows or the use of certain medications, has not solved the problem, your physician may suggest snoring surgery. However, there are several different surgeries that might be appropriate for your needs, and it is a good idea to understand which surgery might be an appropriate choice for your symptoms. Read More 

Five Subtle Signs Of Hearing Loss

You don't have to be an octogenarian to experience significant hearing loss. Things such as listening to loud music, working around loud machinery, or being exposed to traffic noise for extended periods of time can all damage your hearing. Sometimes, the change is immediate, but more often, the hearing loss happens so gradually that the person affected may not realize that his or her hearing is not what it once was. Read More 

Your Complete Guide To Chronic Sinusitis

If you've been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, you may be wondering what that means for you. What is chronic sinusitis? What causes it? How can you treat or prevent it? Here is a complete guide on chronic sinusitis: Chronic Sinusitis Overview Chronic sinusitis occurs when the cavities, called sinuses, around your nasal passages in your face become inflamed for a period of at least two months. With this condition, mucus builds up in your face, causing the symptoms you experience. Read More 

Natural Vertigo Relief

If you have a vertigo condition, then you likely have an inner ear problem that causes dizziness, balance problems, and spinning issues. Vertigo can be quite debilitating, and you should seek out assistance with an ENT to have your ears fully examined. The physician may suggest the use of vestibular physical therapy to help reduce your symptoms. Vestibular physical theapy involves specific exercises that can be completed at home or with the assistance of a dedicated therapist. Read More 

3 Signs You Might Need A New Hearing Aid

If you rely on the use of a hearing aid, you might have had the same hearing aids for a very long time. Perhaps you've had the same pair since you first noticed your hearing was declining. However, just like most things need to be updated, so do hearing aids. There are a number of different signs that it might be time for you to get a new hearing aid. Read More